20 Examples of the Most Impressive Business Websites Made with WordPress

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Thought about creating your own company website, but aren’t as motivated as you expected to be? We’ve got you covered – Sometimes all we need to know is how other people achieved it to get things moving, and sometimes it’s just simpler to understand how many possibilities we have when we see how some ideas actually become reality.

For that reason, we selected a selection of the most impressive business websites made with WordPress that will undoubtedly grab your interest. Of course, the aim isn’t to copy other people’s ideas—a simple copy and paste never works—but you can surely find a way to add your own ingenuity to existing solutions. You won’t have to spend as much time browsing and investigating WP themes. which will make it easier for you to choose the ideal WordPress theme.


Most Impressive Business Websites Made with WordPress


1. Translatedright by The7 theme

The Translatedright website’s clean, contemporary design, which was created using the WordPress theme The7, and its best content organization show how an effective structure can be created with the use of the right colors and fonts. These website features give visitors a sense of knowledge and reliability by using a minimal color scheme, attractive modern elements, and high-quality pictures.

Download Theme The7   More Demo


2. Wakami Global  by theme Flatsome

An eye-catching and enchanting basic website featuring Wakami, a company with the mission of having a purpose and promoting empowerment and success in communities throughout the globe. The Wakami Global website is designed with the stunning Flatsome WordPress template and its excellent layout of the content shows how the perfect combination of colors and typography can make a significant impression.

Download Theme Flatsome   More Demo


3. Loulou  by theme flatsome

An interesting and charming long page in French about the children’s daycare institute in Montreal-Loulou. The Loulou website, which was created using the gorgeous Flatsome WordPress theme, uses strong visual graphics, attractive typography, and eye-catching color schemes to keep visitors on its pages. All the different and unique experiences available for your children are explained in detail throughout their website.

Download Theme Flatsome   More Demo


4. Aiofotoevideo by Salient theme

The website for Aiofotoevideo has a slick design with elegant color accents and attractive typography. The site looks professional and offers a great user experience because of the good content organization. This website, which uses the “SALIENT” WordPress theme, is an excellent illustration of how a simple idea can leave an amazing impression.

Download Theme SALIENT   More Demo


5. So Ho! by Betheme

French agency SoHo Communication, Stratégie & Design uses a floating slider to display their headlines. This website is made with powerful WordPress Betheme.  The brand text “rests” on a bed of animated flowers. The navigation buttons are highlighted by their brand’s vivid orange color. Scroll down, to see a simple menu with all of their services. A small business might benefit greatly from the addition of a personal touch by using photos that modify with illustrations.

Download Theme BeTheme   More Demo


6. Ansina by Betheme

A nice and intriguing small website about ‘Ansina‘, an atelier formed by a couple of Mexican wood makers. The “Ansina” belongs on our list of the top example of a company website. A carousel slider that is full of beautiful images welcomes you to Created with the Betheme. This is a terrific method to spark the visitor’s interest and encourage them to explore the page. The website has amazing dynamics because to animated parallax. The combination of the various fonts and colors works beautifully.

Download Theme BeTheme   More Demo


7. Panda Paper Roll by theme Avada

Panda Paper Roll, a manufacturer of paper products for cash registers and kiosks, uses a number of Avada theme features to highlight their ability, including a client menu that scrolls and a mileage-style widget for displaying statistics. Visitors can use the quick links and hot categories at the bottom of the homepage to jump to the topics that are most relevant to them.

Download Theme AVADA   More Demo


8. Lion’s Share Digital by salient theme

The Austin, TX-based web design and development agency’s ambitions are reflected in its telling name. The Lion’s Share website is there to express their drive for growth and service excellency. Salient theme readily offers the necessary elements: large, basic fonts; colorful, full-width sections, and plenty of room for imagery.

This is a great example of Salient’s full-screen header in action: on entering the website, we are immersed in an epic video presenting the brand. The rest of the page is comprised of visual composer elements tailored to give it a dynamic and colorful vibe.

Download Theme SALIENT   More Demo


9. RankPay by theme Avada

The homepage of RankPay, a company offering SEO services, has a prominent search bar and clear navigation. There are several graphic effects that are visible as you browse, catching visitors’ interest and drawing their attention to the large call-to-action buttons. The flat style is visually attractive and simple to navigate, making it a wise choice for website owners that need to clearly explain complex concepts.

Download Theme AVADA   More Demo


10. Gomixte by salient theme

The gomixte creative agency website uses modern design and scrolling animation which is a great way to instantly engage visitors and show how professional they are. The colorful style, and different, short but striking statements about the company placed on every page ensure the visitor stays interested in the website’s content.

The Salient WordPress theme has once again proved to be an excellent choice for a digital agency and the team behind the Digital website managed to create a truly unique business website with it.

Download Theme SALIENT   More Demo


11. Broholm Marketing by The7 theme

Broholm Marketing is an agency with many years of experience in the industry.  They are passionate about sales and marketing and help customers to develop and strengthen their business, through improved communication, direct sales, and measurable online marketing. With WordPress theme the7 there have several graphic effects that are visible as you browse.

Download Theme The7   More Demo


12. Feedwater by The7 theme

feedwater is one of the UK’s leading water treatment service companies. The attractive feedwater website is made with the powerful  the7  WordPress theme. It easily engages users thanks to a variety of playful animations that make the user experience more dynamic and exciting. The entire website has a charming feel that tickles interest because of the smart use of blank space, gradient colors, and shapes.

Download Theme The7   More Demo


13. WaaS.uk by theme jupitarX

A unique and captivating website about a business that will make managing your website much simpler. The WaaS website’s clean, modern design, which was created using the JupitarX WordPress theme, and its best content organization show how the effective use of color and typography can leave a lasting impression. This website uses a minimalist color scheme together with elegant, modern design elements. They display their prices and services in detail.

Download Theme JupitarX   More Demo


14. Make Design Not War by Betheme

The name of this website, Make Design Not War, describes how exciting and distinctive it is. They are web design professionals. The website includes a professional design with smart color accents and enticing typography. The site looks professional and offers a great user experience because of the good content organization. This website, which uses the Betheme WordPress theme, is an excellent illustration of how the simplest and clever idea can leave a deep impression.

Download Theme BeTheme   More Demo


15. Coroner Kitchen by theme Flatsome

Coroner Kitchen is an Indian studio, focused on the design of high-quality interiors. Made with the amazing Flatsome WordPress theme that features high-quality imagery, and smooth animated effects and successfully conveys an image of professionalism and trustworthiness. Their website shows some of their projects, FAQs, and a blog with the latest kitchen trends.

Download Theme Flatsome   More Demo


16. Covet Design by theme jupitarX

A wide and engaging website that is exceptionally creative and appealing.  It features a brand and packaging design. The Covet Design uses a black-and-white color scheme to create an air of elegant professionalism. The website has a contemporary style that is highlighted by smooth animations and eye-catching hover effects. Once again, JupitarX has shown to be a superb option for an online business.

Download Theme JupitarX   More Demo


17. Mariana Dominguez by theme jupitarX

Mariana Dominguez has a long yet aesthetic and visually appealing website that will take you to another world of beauty. The Mariana Dominguez website is based on a minimalist design which in no way limits its creativity. It features the website author on the homepage which is a good idea, especially for businesses that are built on a personal passion. She is a designer and an art director who makes sure to give your business the growth and touch of a lifetime.

Download Theme JupitarX   More Demo


18. Gravual by salient theme

Last but not least, one of our personal favorites, Gravual, is a tiny design boutique based in Antwerp, Belgium. The entire thing breathes minimalism and style and scales extra-neatly on smartphone screens thanks to Salient’s smart grids.

This one’s a good example of Salient’s single-page capabilities: the entire website is essentially presented on the front page, with separate sections branching off where and when needed. The site’s also available in Dutch, showcasing the theme’s multilingual functions.

Download Theme SALIENT   More Demo


19. RedBag Media by theme Avada

RedBag Media provides movies, web graphics, and branding. To draw visitors’ attention, this website uses parallax scrolling, which is followed by a grid style with examples of the company’s work. Avada theme’s contact form appears at the bottom of the page to invite people to get in touch. With a design like RedBag Media’s, you may promote your services as a freelancer or agency while also generating consultations.

Download Theme AVADA   More Demo


20. Manny & Me by theme Avada

Manny & Me is a nanny agency that assists families in finding suitable tutors, teachers, and nannies. In this instance, Avada theme is utilized to lay out bold full-width sections and obvious CTA buttons to direct the user through the website. This theme is excellent for company owners who run their website as a marketplace but wish to provide their consumers with a more personalized experience by putting vendors and customers in direct contact.

Download Theme AVADA   More Demo


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